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Surf Training:

      ​Try our Surf Training Program that helps improve your surfing skills. There are aspects to surfing which are critical in competitive surfing. These are, but not limited to: learning to read the ocean, how to control maneuvers in the critical section of a wave with speed and power throughout, learning about heat strategy, and learn the skills to train with effective on-land exercises you can take home. 

Surf Trips:

​     With 25 years of local knowledge of Costa Rica's surf spots, we got you covered! Worry free, we will have you catching the best waves for every swell that hits Costa Rica's Pacific and Caribbean Coast. When you book custom Surf Trips with Hermosa Retreats, we guarantee that you will score the ultimate session. Any season, any time of year, Costa Rica has waves. Come catch the best waves of your life! We also offer professional surf photography to capture your best waves!


Surf Lessons,  Surf Trips, Surf Training

Surf Professionals providing quality instruction in a fun and safe environment.

All of our Surf Professionals are CPR and Water Rescue Certified.

Surf Lessons: 

   Each lesson is 2.5 hours. The first thirty minutes include land training and warm up, instruction of safety measures and instruction of pop ups taught. The next two hours are spent in the ocean; learning to surf!

All lessons are never given above a 3:1 ratio - 3 students to 1 teacher. 

We guarantee a 100% success rate of standing up and catching your first wave during your first lesson!
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